Mexican Potential Customer Visited YUNBOSHI Technology

An Mexican potential customer visited YUNBOSHI Technology last week. His business in Mexico is photo voltaic industry. Though solar cells need to be stored in proper humidity space, the products he wanted to purchase this time are hand dryers. The Mexican guest was very interested in the sample product below:

This hand deyer has strong wind power so it can quickly dry the hands within 5-7 seconds. Its drying time is 1/4 shorter than general hand dryers.

Vertical standing and two sides blowing help avoid getting the ground wet. Itsoutstanding performance depends on its chip control technology and infrared sensor.

Our  hand dryers are popular with the places such as star hotels, offices, buildings, restaurants, hospitals, gyms and airports.

The potential customer was also interested in YUNBOSHI Drying Cabinets for household. The dry cabinets are suitable for keeping cameras, lens, coffee and tea in it.

In addition to standard products, YUNBOSHI also provides customized dehumidifiers. The dry cabinets below with drawers in it are designed according to customer’s need.




Post time: Nov-20-2023